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Upcoming Free Webinar: May 1, 2018; 1:00pm ET

Creating Structure From Unstructured Data

Beyond The Hype of Content Services, Laurence Hart

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The difference between structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • How to make sense of large piles of unclassified content, how to generate context, and how to leverage line-of-business SMEs to assure quality classification
  • Strategies for choosing a good place to start a content assessment project
  • Tips, tricks and pitfalls learned from the field when conducting content assessment projects
  • File type challenges, the value of OCR, clustering, and more!

Sandra Serkes, President & CEO, Valora Technologies, Inc.
Upcoming Free Webinar: May 15, 2018; 1:00pm ET

Insights From InfoGov Advancements In Healthcare

Beyond The Hype of Content Services, Laurence Hart

Information Governance efforts are having an impact in support of compliance, privacy, security, analytics, informatics and big data efforts across the healthcare ecosystem. This presentation will provide insights into the practices that are working for implementation of IG as well as address barriers and how to overcome them.

In 2017 AHIMA conducted an industry-wide survey related to information governance efforts, during this presentation relevant aspects of the survey findings will be reviewed and discussed including insights on taking IG to the next level in any organization, regardless of where you are on the path.

Katherine Downing, Vice President Information Governance, Informatics, and Standards, AHIMA


Beyond The Hype Of Content Services: Implementing Information Governance By Addressing Challenges One At A Time

There has been a lot of hype in the last year around Content Services with many vendors embracing the term. For many people, the question remains, what is it, how does it relate to ECM, and how can it help me achieve my actual Information Governance goals? In this discussion we'll cut through the hype and offer clear answers to those questions. We will also discuss how leveraging agile methodologies and cloud technology can speed the implementation of Content Services helping you realize value even sooner. Presenter: Laurence Hart, Director, TeraThink.

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Tomorrow's Information Governance: Planning The Path Forward

Join Valora Technologies President, Sandra Serkes, and Information Coalition President, Nick Inglis, as they discuss the path towards tomorrow's Information Governance and how to proactively prepare.

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(Made available in partnership with Holly Group)

Information Management Fundamentals (Special Training Webinar)

Join Steve Weissman as he outlines the foundation on which all of your information efforts can be built or re-aligned. This incredibly valuable session is only 30 minutes long and is packed full of useful information for you to enact in your organization.

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Governance Law & Order

Steve Weissman helps you address the unpleasant-to-consider but necessary-to-implement enforcement of your governance policies.
If you’re reading this, then you already understand why it’s so important to have policies that govern the way your information is classified, protected, retained, and disposed of. But without the will to actually enforce those policies, you’ll likely find yourself having moved the compliance needle barely at all. Learn how to avoid this fate by tuning in to this webinar, in which Holly Group’s Steve Weissman – The Info Gov Guy – will share his perspectives and experiences regarding how and when to be Good Cop and Bad Cop.

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Special Webinar Series: SharePoint Information Management Basics Training Course

A webinar series turned into a short training series on how to best structure SharePoint for your Information Management needs with Information Coalition President, Nick Inglis.

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Zen Information Governance

A path to information nirvana through governance.

Is this your current state? Life out of balance; anxiety; divergent and competing interests; not sure where the entry point to solving the problem is?

First, you need to understand the cause of your information suffering, create the ground for a solution and then develop a strategy (path) for the solution before finally implementing and refining.

A unified strategy enables IT, information managers and business stakeholders to identify and assess the value of the information assets from a common point of reference.

We will examine some of the ways to actualize information in your enterprise, from planning to scanning and much in between!

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Removing The Work From Information Governance

Join Laurence Hart as he shares his presentation "Removing the Work from Information Governance" as a part of our #InfoGov14 Rewind series.

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