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It doesn't matter how many people you're connecting with if they're the wrong people. We choose quality over quantity, it's a change we know you'll love...

We understand your need to connect with decision makers and decision influencers. We increase your odds of connecting with the right prospects.

Your sales pipeline is your most important workflow - at the top of the funnel you should be filling with quality leads.

Stop wasting time with long lists of people that clearly don't have a role in the decision making process. If you're struggling with connecting with the right market, the right community - now you know where to find them. We're here to help, let's talk.


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Valora Technologies, A Story of Growth...

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"With all the IG-related Associations out there, none of them offer such an array of opportunities and benefits as a sponsor with reasonable and affordable sponsorship levels than Information Coalition. This is why Valora continues to support InfoGovCon and the Information Coalition beyond the annual conference."
Sandra Serkes, President, Valora Technologies
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