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The Information Governance Conference 2017: Ready For Impact

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The Information Governance Model

About The Information Governance Model

The Information Governance Model Companies around the world are leveraging The Information Governance Model to ensure the success of their critical Information Governance efforts. Covering all of the relevant aspects of Information Governance, this model can be utilized as a guide or a benchmarking/assessment tool, making this the most versatile model imaginable.

The downloadable model includes a full explanation of all of the underlying aspects within The Information Governance Model.

The Information Governance Model is available for FREE (non-commercial) through a Creative Commons license. This means that companies can freely utilize the Optismo model but cannot sell the model. For licensing of the Information Governance Model for commercial purposes or to partner with Optismo just contact us.

Current version: 3.1; Release Date: March 15, 2016.

Download The Information Governance Model

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The Information Governance Model

The Information Governance Model
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How To Utilize The Information Governance Model

As A Guide

Establishing Information Governance in an organization can be challenging. Our initial intent in creating The Information Governance Model was to provide a framework from which a comprehensive Information Governance program could be built. Ensuring that each of the components of the model have been addressed appropriately can help an organization establish their programs while avoiding any potential risks in areas that have not been addressed.

As A Benchmarking / Assessment Tool

The Information Governance Model can be leveraged as a benchmarking & assessment tool. An organization can assess and measure themselves over time against the 2 categories (Business & Technology), the 6 sub-categories (Authorities, Supports, Processes, Capabilities, Structures, & Infrastructure), and the array of components to see the ongoing growth of their program.

Information Governance Model 6 Key Aspects



Clearly defining the roles and stakeholders that should be a part of your Information Governance effort.


Supports must underly your Information Governance efforts to ensure ongoing, sustainable success.


Processes exist to ensure that your Information Governance efforts are actionable.


Starting with creation through to disposal, information moves. You must have these capabilities to enable that movement.


From technology structures to taxonomic structures, the Information Governance model covers it all.


While planning is fundamental, at some point the technology must align completely.


This valuable effort has been undertaken by Nick Inglis with contributions by Steve Weissman. It is, however, through community feedback that we are able to maintain and improve The Information Governance Model. If you have a suggestion, request, clarification, or would like to buy us a drink, simply contact us.


We would love to hear how you’ve leveraged The Information Governance Model. Please tell us your success story by sending us a message.


We wish you the best of luck in all of your Information Governance endeavors.

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