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Records Management: Traditional Records Management, Electronic Records Management, & Retention Management

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Records Management as a profession has begun fragmenting into two specific disciplines - Electronic Records Management (focusing on digital Records) and Traditional Records Management (focusing on physical Records). While a new approach has begun to find its’ early adopters (Retention Management).

Records Management encompasses both Electronic Records Management and Traditional Records Management. There is much in common between Electronic Records Management and Traditional Records Management, where there is overlap it can be referred to as simply Records Management, the highest level of guidance - whereas divergent areas should be referred to as their specific sub-discipline - either Electronic Records Management or Traditional Records Management.

Alternatively, a new approach referred to as Retention Management shifts the focus from the Record to the length of time information is kept before disposition - not just Records, all information. Many companies and organizations cannot move to this method because of compliance requirements placed on them to maintain Records specifically (which the Retention Management approach does not do).

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