Content Services Definition

Content Services are the tools and technologies that can be accessed through APIs to connect content to users while focusing on their unique user experience. The aim of content services is to separate various useful functionalities from the platforms that have previously encapsulated them, making functionalities portable and exposing content in a manner consistent with the role of a user.

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Content Services Key Points

  1. Content Services are tools and technologies accessed through APIs.
  2. Content Services disconnects functionality from platform.
  3. Content Services makes functionality portable between platforms.
  4. Content Services expose content based on user role.
  5. Content Services can make content available through a variety of channels.
  6. Content Services allow for personalized user experiences.

Content Services Overview

Gartner coined the term “Content Services” as a replacement term for “Enterprise Content Management” declaring that ECM was dead. Enterprise Content Management remains as alive as it has ever been, chugging along like it’s companion Document Management which has also survived several eulogies.

Content Services, meanwhile, has yet to be well understood or accepted by the Information Profession as a whole. While Content Services may yet be an element that will come to the fore, it has yet to replace anything and has likely caused more confusion than it has provided solutions at this point.

For many companies, the scope of the term “Content Services” is incorrect as it is limiting - many applications make data available to users by leveraging “Content Services”. Therefore, the scope of Content Services should really be across all information, thus the term should be “Information Services” for most companies (see Related Terms: Content, Data, Document, Information, Knowledge, Records).

All of this may change in the future- this is a term we will continue to watch as time passes.

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Beyond The Hype Of Content Services

Beyond The Hype Of Content Services

Implementing Information Governance By Addressing Challenges One At A Time

Webinar Presenter: Laurence Hart, Director, TeraThink

There has been a lot of hype in the last year around Content Services with many vendors embracing the term. For many people, the question remains, what is it, how does it relate to ECM, and how can it help me achieve my actual Information Governance goals? In this discussion, we’ll cut through the hype and offer clear answers to those questions. We will also discuss how leveraging agile methodologies and cloud technology can speed the implementation of Content Services helping you realize value even sooner.

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The Battle for Your Data: On Premises vs The Cloud – Julie Colgan

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Julie Colgan asks – It’s your corporate data and it’s increasingly being hosted in the Cloud. As the battle continues between the Cloud and On-Premise, what should your evaluation criteria be for determining what’s right for your company? Can anyone resist the pull of the cloud?


  • Why not go full Cloud?
  • What are your evaluation criteria?
  • How can you make the best decisions for your corporate data?
The Information Governance Conference 2018