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About The Information Body of Knowledge (InfoBOK)

About The InfoBOK

The Information Body of Knowledge (InfoBOK) is the community-driven open source body of knowledge for the Information Profession. An Information Professional is anyone who, for one of their major job tasks, manages or governs information (content, data, documents, knowledge, or Records), the systems that contain information, or the policies and practices by which information workers must abide.

The Information Body of Knowledge establishes the major areas of knowledge which must be attained to successfully be an Information Professional while establishing common terminology, understandings, and strategies amongst the various sub-disciplines of the Information Profession.

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The InfoBOK’s scope is the comprehensive majority of the topics that one should know as a part of the Information Profession. The scope is as expansive as the community has selected and excludes what the community has excluded.


The goal of the InfoBOK is to define the terms and most important things to know about the various elements that comprise the Information Profession. In this initial iteration of the InfoBOK, the goal is to include the “must-have” knowledge for everyone working within the Information Profession. Future iterations of the InfoBOK will improve and expand upon this baseline knowledge.


Unlike any other effort to codify the knowledge of the Information Profession, this effort relies heavily on the Information Profession itself, the community, willing to share its’ knowledge. Our efforts started with a gathering of frequently utilized terms in the Information Profession, regardless of whether those terms were processes, disciplines, technologies, or something else. We then brought that exhaustive list of terms to the community and had an open selection period with a simple task - select the terms that comprise the Information Profession.

After 9 months of open selection, we had accumulated over 1400 selections. Our threshold for inclusion was initially 50% but we found that several of the topics between 30%-50% acceptance were also required to fully rationalize a comprehensive understanding of the profession, and thus, we selected to include those topics as well, with the qualifier that they will be labeled as “Ascending Elements” or “Descending Elements” in future editions of the InfoBOK.

The community was then invited to join us in both defining each of these elements and establishing the most important things to know about each of the elements. With some editing and revision, those definitions and ‘things to know’ are listed here within the InfoBOK Guide and comprise the InfoBOK.

The InfoBOK itself is made up of the list of 62 elements, organized for clear understanding, each defined, along with several points of knowledge which an Information Professional must know. Additional analysis of each of those elements and extrapolation of those points of knowledge are included in this guide. The InfoBOK itself is available for free download and is licensed for all under an open source license, the Creative Commons CC BY-ND 3.0 US license.

By releasing the InfoBOK itself under an open source license, we are making it widely and freely available to all. It can be utilized by Colleges and Universities looking to establish a comprehensive educational framework, it can be utilized by companies as their program for ongoing professional development, it can be used for personal development, the uses are infinite.

The InfoBOK comprises the DEFINITIONS and KEY POINTS for each of the Elements, not the analysis or additional resources, which are made available by the Information Coalition team, friends, and partners.

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