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The Information Governance Conference 2017: Ready For Impact

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Susan Whitmire - Information Coalition

Real World #InfoGov Journeys (Case Studies) - Susan Whitmire, Richard Hogg (#InfoGov16)

This video is open to all because of the generous support of IBM.


Who’s really doing InfoGov? & Do organization ever realize any benefits from an Information Governance program?

This session will cover:

  • On-Ramps for InfoGov and the Journey
  • Measuring InfoGov Benefits and Results
  • How two organizations realized the benefits of an IG program

Information governance is a journey not a sprint. To get to governance, you will need a methodical and proven approach to bring together stakeholders from the business, IT, RIM, Privacy and Legal.

Supporting Organizations

  • Adlib
  • Box
  • GlassIG
  • IBM
  • iManage
  • Optismo
  • Seclore
  • Valora Technologies
  • William B. Meyer
  • Zia

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