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The Information Governance Conference 2017: Ready For Impact

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What is an #InfoChat?

An #InfoChat is a hosted Twitter conversation with engaging Q&A and sometimes a featured interview.

When does an #InfoChat happen?

They happen every other Tuesday (usually) at 1pm on Twitter. Follow us at @informcoalition to participate and learn about the next upcoming #InfoChat.

What's the decorum of an #InfoChat?

We ask a series of questions under the #InfoChat and we hashtag each question as #Q1, #Q2, #Q3, etc.. You answer and discuss by using the hashtag #InfoChat and respond with the answers as #A1, #A2, #A3, etc., so that everyone can keep track of the conversation. It's really fun, informal, and informative.

Tuesdays at 1pm on Twitter. Add it to your calendar. Follow us at @informcoalition.

Check out a sampling of some past #InfoChats:

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