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We pride ourselves on continually sharing advice and knowledge from outside of our profession. So many talk about "design" of information - so we thought, why not get one of the world's most respected designers - the Provost of the Rhode Island Schoool of Design, Pradeep Sharma - to share his thoughts with our community. Minds were blown. Here's just a sample of the videos you'll have access to as a Professional Member of the Information Coalition.

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About The Information Coalition

The Information Coalition advances community-driven best practices in organizational information strategy - across disciplines, across all organizational information. We help you find the best ways of working together, no matter your discipline of expertise (Records, Information, Privacy, Data Science, Security, etc.), on the improvement of your information - policy, processes, and technology inclusive. We help enable you to best reduce risk and increase the value of your information.

We develop with the community the open source body of knowledge to the information profession, the InfoBOK; provide resources like the Information Governance Model; we provide podcasts; we provide research and white papers; and we hold an annual conference focused on improving your organization's information - The Information Governance Conference.

The Information Body of Knowledge & INFO Designation

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The Deep Analysis Podcast with Alan Pelz-Sharpe
The Information Strategy Podcast

The Latest Articles

- Lee Dallas

Last year's announcement for Opentext Magellan was accompanied by plenty of marketing videos and analyst opinions but what I would like to focus on is what I think is the most interesting implication that this wave of affordable Enterprise AI suggests: the death of unstructured content. (RSS generated with FetchRss)

- Laurence Hart

The great debate of ECM vs Content Services rages on. I say look at your information flow, follow it, and find new ways to make it flow faster. If you can do that and know where your information is at any time, you are done. (RSS generated with FetchRss)

- Shannon Harmon

Building a framework for efficiently and effectively governing data and information is no small task. You are tasked with convening the key players, figuring out your end goal, communicating it, getting buy-in, and fleshing out the intermediate steps. It is all very complicated. (RSS generated with FetchRss)

- Marko Sillanpää

I’ve been noticing this trend where “new” (to me) vendors have been popping up on my radar. At first glance, I labeled each one as a niche vendor. As new names came up, I realized that I was actually seeing a much larger parallel market. Solutions vendors were emerging in areas that had been typically custom solutions built on ECM platforms. In some cases, large vendor landscapes had emerged. One case in point is Contract Lifecycle Management. (RSS generated with FetchRss)

- Nick Inglis

The Information Profession has been experiencing a convergence - empowered by technology, disciplines have been moving closer towards one another and, eventually, some titles will be (and are being) deprecated as job duties converge. (RSS generated with FetchRss)

The Information Governance Conference 2018

The information that your company holds has value but also presents risk. The Information Governance Conference is the only conference designed from the ground up to help you strategically protect AND extract value from your organization's information - this conference exists to help you, finally, get all of your information to work together. This year, expand your benefits with a combination ticket.

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  • Alexander Campbell, Records Manager, Cohen+Gresser
  • Bradlee Davis, Director of Records and Information Governance, Jackson Lewis P.C.
  • D. Madrid, Principal Analyst, Pacific Gas & Electric Company - InfoBOK Chair
  • Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder & Principal Analyst, Deep Analysis
  • Marko Sillanpaa, Channel Development Consultant, Simflofy
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IC Something Different

The Information Coalition is not an association and we are not a consulting firm, we are something completely different: we are the coalition of the collective knowledge of the community of information professionals. Our primary goal is to create a unified body of knowledge across all disciplines of the information profession.

  • We are not narrowly focused on a single information discipline, we are collaboratively based across disciplines.
  • We are not a theoretical exercise, we are practical guidance.
  • We are not ourselves the drivers of this effort, we are a reflection and syndication of the community’s combined efforts, a conduit.
  • We are not a cult of personality, we are driven by and for the community’s benefit.

We work with you, the information professional, to connect you to the resources you need to achieve enterprise information success. Information success requires a comprehensive perspective through the full breadth of disciplines you need to control, share, and protect your organization’s information assets.

The Information Coalition exists as a reflection of your combined expertise, the syndication of community-based input. Our leadership team is not the Information Coalition, you are (as is every member of our community). We exist merely as a conduit of this incredible community and as such, we don’t point the spotlight at ourselves- we hand you the spotlight so you can use it to navigate forward.

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