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infoBOK (The Information Body of Knowledge)

Let's work together to define the knowledge of our profession.

We are working at defining an Information Body of Knowledge (#InfoBOK). A useful, defined, and open source body of knowledge for enterprise information would be an incredible advancement for our profession: So we're working with our Members to help define it, and we invite YOU to join us in our effort.

We are currently defining the primary areas of the #InfoBOK, and we'd love your help in a number of different areas:

  1. Define the areas of the #InfoBOK (Ended 10/31/16 - results available)
  2. Create working groups for each defined area (In Progress)
  3. Develop underlying bodies of knowledge for each area
  4. Develop testing basis
  5. Release the #InfoBOK under an Open Source license
  6. Provide certificate-generating #InfoBOK testing (internal testing)
  7. Eventual development of a certification-generating #InfoBOK test (external testing)

Currently active: Pending Item 2

Create working groups for each defined area

We are working on establishing our collaborative platform for our working groups, stay tuned and join our mailing list for further updates.

Supporting Organizations

  • Adlib
  • Box
  • GlassIG
  • IBM
  • iManage
  • Optismo
  • Seclore
  • Valora Technologies
  • William B. Meyer
  • Zia
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