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England and America are two countries separated by the same language – George Bernard ShawIn the same way, businesspeople ...

I went back to the Major National Bank yesterday to complete some parents'-estate-related account-opening tasks, and couldn't believe the gal helping me was told by some back-office document people to send ...

In the world of information governance:​People … defeat PoliciesPolicies … defeat LitigationLitigation … defeats PeopleA ...

You are so right, Julie! I'd even go as far as to suggest that focusing on the people aspect of change is not just a huge benefit to, but a PREREQUISITE for success. Otherwise, the system might work well but value will certainly be left on the table.

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Talk about information as an asset!

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An article in the University of Richmond’s 'Journal of Law and Technology' argued that the potential liability and future costs related to... Show more

VW 'did not have the storage.' Right up there with "my dog ate my homework" as an excuse ...

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Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks technology is THE answer to information governance ...

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Alison North But this "choir" does know that - its those outside that are ignorant of this fact - #speakup about #infogov 1 year ago
Steve Weissman Likely, you're right. But I'm still always surprised to discover people who ought to know better who don't! 1 year ago

I once investigated the impact on sustainability of good info management -- peel back all the layers and you'll be surprised how great it can be!

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Show of hands: who here as given thought to emojis as information needing to be governed? That's what I thought.

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