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What's Your Information Strategy?

Information Coalition advances community-driven best practices in enterprise information. Founded in response to specific requests, we provide collaborative, hands-on, and specific resources to enable you to best reduce risk and increase the value of your information and processes. Come join us for free or get even more as a Professional Member. (We have special introductory discounts for AIIM and ARMA Members)

Latest Videos, Presentations, and Webinar Replays

David Horrigan - Discovering Deflategate: The NFL / Tom Brady Dispute & 21st Century Data Discovery Law

David Horrigan of kCura (formerly of 451 Research) breaks down the Tom Brady/NFL dispute as a view into how 21st Century data discovery law is changing. Then David joins the Information Symposium panel of Sandra Serkes, Richard Hogg, Steve Weissman, and Jim Merrifield to discuss.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe - Why Do IT Projects Fail?

Our keynote for the Q2 2016 Information Symposium, Alan Pelz-Sharpe shares why so many IT projects fail and how it can be prevented. He then passes it to our panel of himself, Sandra Serkes, Steve Weissman, and Nick Inglis.

Kevin Parker - The Business Case For Information Strategy & Architecture

NEOSTEK's Kevin Parker shares his take on the Business Case for Information Strategy & Architecture, then the panel of Sandra Serkes, Richard Hogg, David Horrigan, Steve Weissman, and Jim Merrifield discusses further.

Interview: Sharon Keck interviewed by Nick Inglis

Sharon Keck recently made the move from working in house at a major law firm to consulting. Information Coalition President, Nick Inglis, took the time to interview her so that we can all benefit from her insights. Afterwards, the panel of experts, Steve Weissman, Richard Hogg, Sandra Serkes, David Horrigan, and Jim Merrifield continue the conversation.

Ryan Zilm - Policy Pie: What's Your Flavor?

Ryan Zilm leads a mouth-watering discussion on forming information policies using the metaphor of baking a pie. Then it goes back to the panel of Steve Weissman, Richard Hogg, Sandra Serkes, and David Horrigan, led by Jim Merrifield.

Sanooj Kutty - Information Governance in GCC: A Case of Incertitude or Supererogation... or Both?

Sanooj Kutty, a Qatari based leading information consultant, investigates the current state of information governance in the Gulf States including Qatar and makes observations with worldwide implications. Then the panel of Steve Weissman, Sandra Serkes, Richard Hogg, David Horrigan, and Jim Merrifield discuss.

Steve Weissman: Breaking Good - Assessments As #InfoGov Gateway Drugs

Join Steve Weissman for a concise presentation on how to leverage assessments as a way forward into Information Governance using the popular television show, Breaking Bad, as a framework, then Steve brings the discussion to the panel of Sandra Serkes, Richard Hogg, David Horrigan, and Jim Merrifield.

Nick Inglis - The World Is Round: How To Meet The Challenges of the New World of Information

Nick Inglis shares two stories from history to highlight the need for Records Management to change, then shows the pathway towards change. The panel of Sandra Serkes, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Steve Weissman, and Nick Inglis then discuss.

The Latest From The Community Blogs

Steve Weissman
20 October 2016
I went back to the Major National Bank yesterday to complete some parents'-estate-related account-opening tasks, and couldn't believe the gal helping me was told by some back-office document people to send a specifically-worded note to them – not by email but by fax.The surprise wasn't that the bank...
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Steve Weissman
07 October 2016

In the world of information governance:

  • People … defeat Policies
  • Policies … defeat Litigation
  • Litigation … defeats People

And you can quote me on that!

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